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Function & Beauty

Our cutting boards are thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted to bring elegance, art, and  function into your kitchen.

Versatile yet Elegant

A cutting board is a necessity for every kitchen, but ours are made to be displayed, used for serving, and of course, you can cut on them as well.



Cutting Board Finish

Our cutting boards are triple finished to provide long lasting protection.  We start by giving each board two mineral oil baths, letting the oil soak in as much as possible.  For the final coat we custom blend all natural unrefined coconut oil with Beeswax from local Bee Farmers.  This oil/wax coat provides the best protection for your board that will last for many washings.

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Use & Care of a Cutting Board

Our cutting boards are made from all natural hardwoods, and we only use FDA approved glue and finishing materials to provide the highest quality food-safe cutting boards around.  Studies have even shown that wood is a safer material than plastic for use as a cutting board, as plastic boards tend to harbor bacteria in the grooves from the knife.

After using your cutting board be sure to wash it by hand with soap and water, then towel dry and lean it against something to finish air drying.  Whenever your board looks dry or thirsty, apply a new coat of our handmade Board Butter to keep your board looking like new for years to come.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Never submerge or soak a wooden cutting board

  • Do not place your wooden cutting board in the dishwasher

  • Apply a fresh coat of Board Butter every few washings

  • Always dry on edge.  Laying a wet board down on its face will cause uneven drying, trapping moisture and possibly causing warping

Use & Care of a Cuttng Board
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