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Want to keep your new cutting board looking like new for years to come?  Need to revitalize an old wooden cutting board or kitchen utensil?  Then you need to try Two Maples Woodshop's very own homemade recipe Board Butter wood conditioner.


Free from harsh chemicals, petroleum products, or overwhelming scents, our recipe uses only 2 natural ingredients, Beeswax from local bee farmers, and Coconut Oil  that is organic, unrefined, and cold pressed.  By using only natural ingredients our Board Butter is the best way to treat your wooden items in the kitchen to give them an amazing shine while providing the excellent protection from moisture.  Our Board Butter is a food safe, non toxic, all natural wood conditioner.  


Our Board Butter is used on every cutting board we sell, and its part of the process of how we make such amazing looking cutting boards.  

Board Butter

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