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Bespoke Pens

Put your personality in writing
Two Maples Woodshop bespoke pens are crafted in our Indiana workshop. Each pen is milled from a solid block with every piece carefully machined so the final fit & finish is unmatched.  Each bespoke pen is a unique work of art that takes hours to craft into the final product.  
Handcrafted, One at a Time

We take our craft seriously.  The meticulous process to make one pen is over 50 steps, carefully inspecting every piece throughout the process.  

Our love for writing and making writing instruments is why we strive to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship goes into everything we make.  

Function & Beauty

Fountain pens transform the writing experience, with free flowing ink, smooth writing, oozing sophistication and style.  Every pen we make is a unique fusion of art & function that carries a story.

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