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These chopsticks are not your average bamboo chopsticks.  Ours are handcrafted from high quality hardwoods sourced from across the globe. 


With a simple yet elegant design, our chopsticks are beautiful and are a joy to use.  Each chopstick is precisely cut to size by hand and shaped down to an octagonal tip for exceptional beauty and functionality.  The top is crowned off with a diamond point finial and they are finished with our homemade Board Butter for an all natural finish.


Japanese style chopsticks (red twine) feature a smaller 2mm tip
Chinese style chopsticks (brown twine) feature a larger 5mm tip


Length is approx. 10.5 inches


***Wood is a natural product. Colors may vary slightly tree to tree, though not too wildly***


*Handwash Only.  Refinish with Two Maples Board Butter.


Handcrafted in Indiana

Premium Hardwood Chopsticks

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