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These beautiful hand turned wooden and acrylic bottle stoppers are the perfect way to show off your favorite bottle! Each one is unique and special in its own way, and will be sure to make a perfect gift for that special someone, or would make a beautiful conversation piece in your own kitchen.

Each one is hand crafted from solid wood or acrylic and they are beautifully finished to show off their beauty. All the metal parts are high quality stainless steel so they wont pit or flake off like the cheaper ones you will see online. Don't take the chance with a plated metal stopper, get stainless steel so it lasts a lifetime!

The ones with 6 rubber rings work well in both liquor and wine bottles. The ones with 3 rubber rings tend to work well in wine bottles only.

Exotic hardwood and acrylic bottle stoppers made with stainless steel

SKU: 0007
  • Stainless steel bottle stoppers

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