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These unique handles are handcrafted from solid acrylic and turned on the lathe.  One end features a small seam ripper that quickly cuts through stiches on a sewing project, and the other end features a stiletto/tailor's awl, useful for precisely manipulating fabric or feeding small swatches through the sewing machine.  Both blades are made from sharp, durable manganese steel, and are easily reversible for storage inside the handle.


Every handle is made with 2 unique ends so you can tell what tool is in each side at a glance. 


As the artist and designer of these items, each handle is a unique one of a kind item, meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards. Each handle goes through a careful process of selecting just the right materials to accentuate the hardware, then through a multi-stage preparation and building process, and finally it is finished and buffed to a high-gloss shine that will keep it looking great for years.

2 in 1 Seam Ripper & Stiletto

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